Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our House is Officially a Parking Lot

I started today with a Dodge Ram 1500 and a Toyota Camry. My husband has a 1972 Super Beetle and a Camaro. We added a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500HD to the collection today!

Getting in to drive it home!
The Camaro lives in the garage, the beetle and Camry live in the side parking spots, and the Dodge in the grass in front of the Camry (we have a long driveway). Well now the Chevy lives in front of the Dodge in the grass. Our neighbors are going to hate us. The Dodge is going to be sold ASAP, and the Camry sometime in the next year.

The Chevy drove very well, is in good shape, and will have an easier time pulling my horse trailer. It has the gooseneck hitch already in the bed, which is nice even though it's going to be a long time before I pull a gooseneck (if ever). It has a engine heater block thingy (I'm very technical), which would be better if it were diesel, but whatever. It's already set up to haul and my husband made a plug for the back that tested the wires to make sure they all worked properly. I think he should design and market them! He had to make one because he couldn't find one for the plugs that tested the brakes too. It has leather seats, 4WD (and buttons for 4WD, unlike my dodge where it's a stick and you have to be careful you don't grind it when you shift), new brake pads all around, new rotors in the back. It has a few more miles than I wanted, but it was the right price and the right truck with the right amount of add-ons. It has a dent in the tailgate where it looks like someone unhitched their gooseneck and then drove out from under it with the tailgate up. It only has a handful of other cosmetic flaws. I am excited to have a truck that should last me another 5-10 years (I only put 3000-5000 miles on the truck every year). We have to do a couple things to it like coating the bottom in a phosphoric acid rust remover, then painting the bottom with rustoleum and then oiling the bottom to protect it. I will also be putting running boards or a step of some kind for each door eventually, but not now.

My parents, husband and I all went to dinner in it last night. My mom and I sat in back and she kept telling me, "This truck has more space in the backseat than my car!" and "It's so spacious, I don't feel like I'm in a truck!" She was too funny.

Now the truck just needs a name!

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