Friday, December 19, 2014

New Business

I decided to make a blingy browband for Mikey because the one I really liked was over $200. While this is not similar to that one, it is much more blingy!

"Mom, my face is sparkly... and I might like it."
I wove crystal beads with glass seed beads, went to an Irishman's leather shop to learn how to make the leather ends, and bam, sparkly browband that is almost ready for the masses.

I have a few design things to work out, but as soon as they are, I will post links to my Etsy store and anyone can have one made to order! I have a lot of colors available. I can do Swarovski Crystal or a premium regular crystal (the one Mikey has on is a regular crystal). A Swarovski Crystal one will be outrageously expensive because I need 165 of the beads for a 16" browband, and they are expensive to begin with and bulk pricing means I get 3 packages of 6 beads instead of one package of 6 beads. *shakes head*

Anyway, I'll be posting finished browbands as I go. I have one completed (light blue crystal with white webbing), one ready for leather ends (solid black crystal with white webbing), one almost ready for leather ends (red/orange crystal with gold webbing), one ready to start beading (fire opal Swarovski Crystal with black webbing), and beads on hand for a green iridescent crystal and a cream pearl one.

Stay tuned!!! And if anyone wants one, please comment and I'll get in touch! More pictures to come!


  1. Oooh! I like! Is the woven bead part flexible? Like if there was enough length to it would it drop down? I have a thing for dropped browbands...

    1. Yes, the woven part is completely flexible. It's too flexible in fact. There's a supportive wire that runs through the inside of the bead coil - it's also what holds the beads and leather together. The wire is a coated copper wire (I have to look up what the coating is, but it shouldn't tarnish or rust) . The woven beads are tough, but I didn't want them supporting themselves. If I make one long enough it I don't see why it couldn't be shaped into dropped, and possibly a V. I'm not sure the wire is tough enough to hold the V, but I can look into tougher wire.