Sunday, December 28, 2014

Second Browband Done!

I spent my Saturday night finishing a second browband! That unfortunately, I cannot sell. As I was fumbling with it trying to get part of the wiring to sit properly I accidentally sliced the nylon thread at the end by the bridle loops and had to sew the darn thing back together. I think I got it patched up well, but that combined with a bad rivet job (not awful, but I don't have the right tools for it so I have marks on the rivets), I am just not comfortable selling it, even at a discount price. So now it's on Mikey's Micklem and we'll see how well it holds up to being in a tack room and seeing almost daily use.

Its beauty picture! Jet Black AB bicones, white lined clear seed bead webbing, and transparent smoke lustre connectors.

Mikey enjoys this new bling.
Addition to this post:

Hubby made me a leather loop and rivet station, complete with new tools :-) Happy second Hanukkah to me!

Love my husband!!

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