Monday, April 13, 2015

Acculife Patches

Last Friday, Mikey got full body patched. I mentioned them before in a post, but neglected to get pictures. Last time he only got his hock done. This time, he had a set on the poll, back, hip, croup, butt, and the bad hock. They're supposed to relieve pain and tension, and placed correctly, calm the horse. They also contain zero medication, so they are completely legal to use any time.

One horse in the barn absolutely adores them. He is a nervous, jittery, difficult thing. I brought him in from the field after he was patched and he was completely zen. He's a different horse after he gets patched.

His topline really looks bad in this pic! Ugh!

Best of all is this view (please ignore all my crap on the floor!! The barn was neat before I got there!)

The right hock is only slightly bigger than the left!

The patch lady also took thermal images of his body for me:

Mikey's front half and right sides are the worst part for him (so the left hind is awesome haha). The bad hock looked better this time around, less bright yellow! And perhaps some of the weirdness I feel behind has more to do with his lack of shoes than I thought- his hind feet have a bit of yellow in them (warm feet) as opposed to his fronts that are red and completely cool. You can see in the bottom picture a couple round red circles on his hind quarters- those are patches. It looks like there's a set just before his flank. Perhaps he rolled those off by the time I saw him!

He really liked his patches, and I'm thrilled that they helped the lingering swelling in the hock. It's always going to be a big joint, but the smaller the better!

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