Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mikey Got Felt Up For His Birthday

Today is Mikey's birthday (4/30). Happy 16th birthday Mikey!

His present? Getting felt up while I checked him for ticks.

Because that's what happens when you come out of your stall looking like this:

He has swollen thyroids already, so now there's extra swelling and it's swollen down the length of his jaw to his lips. 

And your throat looks like this after I pull two deer ticks out of you.


I do believe he'll be getting a series of doxy as a late birthday present. I don't normally do that because he's bitten so often I'd be broke.  I usually don't worry about it, but he has such strong reactions to tick bites and these were tiny deer ticks instead of the bigger black ones I'm used to. So I'll talk to the vet and my trainer tomorrow.

After pulling those out, I reached up in every nook and cranny checking for more. At least he's not ticklish!

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