Monday, April 20, 2015

My Weekend (In Pictures)

My trainer asked me to take care of the horses for PM feed this past Saturday and Sunday, so I spent a bit of time at the barn. Nothing ground breaking happened, Mikey was awesome and the weekend was great! He's still doing very well.

I got Aluspray from the vet Friday night.

Saturday was my sweet Penny's 2nd birthday.

Mikey got patched again Saturday morning.

In different places than before.

With a lot of focus on the butt cheeks apparently.

The hock still got patched, just in a new way. It looked awesome!

Some neck patches.

Some butt patches.
His back is usually flinchy, with the patches he's no longer flinching.
I've tried massage, acupuncture, and drugs. Nothing compares to these patches.

How the patches work.
A first work outside since the fall on Saturday.

He certainly didn't act like he hadn't been worked outside in the last 6 months.

The right hind flexes well, even if he has no engagement behind. Lazy boy.

Saturday, 7pm at 70 some degrees and sunny, 2-3 hours past normal feed time. Where are my 20+ horses?

After dragging in all but two horses who refused to be caught and then it got dark so they stayed out, I went to the drag strip for the first time. Husband enjoys taking his Camaro on street drag nights. I think I know how my mom felt when I would do any kind of jump course. I worried about him even though a chance of an accident was low.

On Sunday I fetched this handsome boy from his field and we had a great ride. Lazy, super solid feeling, and good!

Took him down to the creek in his field after our ride to make sure he knows where it is.
He dragged me in as soon as he saw it.

Thirsty thirsty! I don't think he'll be coming in and guzzling his bucket down anymore!
I brought the horses in, and the same two mares ran from me, in the rain. So they're spending the night in the rain. Maybe that will change their tune and let us catch them!

Naptime after a rough day eating a ton of grass outside and working for 20 minutes.
Resting his face in the sawdust. He snored.

He loves his fresh deep bedding!

I had a last snuggle with Cody before he leaves for KY on Monday.
All the cool Rolex horses dunk their hay.
4 days until Rolex!


  1. Pig dunks his hay. Maybe he wants to be a Rolex horse. ;)

    So glad Mikey is continuing to do well. I am loving the happy redhead photos!

    1. It's a sign of horses that want to do great things! Mikey does too!

      And I have tons of pictures of my happy redhead. I have to fight the urge to post them all!