Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Road Rally and Ride 4

Sunday I was a good wife and did a local 200 mile road rally with Husband. He drove, I was the navigator.

I can read a dressage test and cross country map.
But I couldn't work out what that darn stopwatch meant in the some of the boxes.
We figured out that the top number was a pause/gain time in hundredths (of what, who knows), the bottom number was a distance, again in hundredths of what we figured had to be a mile.

It was tough, but fun, but the other people in the race were way too serious. Husband and I figured that we could get pretty good at it, if we only knew what some of the stuff meant, and had the computers everyone else had. These computers kept track of distance out to the 3rd decimal place and did the right calculations to deal with the gain loss and CAST information, and put that information out to the navigator who then told the driver what speed to drive at. Crazy! My husband has a new electronics project since we priced the computers for shits and giggles and it's easy to spend $10,000 on a computer setup. We wish the people planning the race had been a bit more helpful since they knew it was our first rally and had no idea what we were doing. We also wish it had been a little better executed.

We want to find a Riddle Rally next, where your directions are given to you in riddles and to make your next turn you have to figure out a riddle. More our style!

The race finished close to the barn, so I talked Husband into taking a nap in the barn parking lot while I rode. The day was so nice, it was nice to be able to go out and sit on my horse and not just in a car. He was average feeling, not bad like our first ride, but not lovely like the two rides before. I'm not worrying about it. Sunday was his first day out on turnout since the previous Monday due to the huge amounts of rain and thunderstorms we were getting. My trainer said he went out quietly, but an entire day outside is more than he's used to.

Oh and I finished my Sunday with a black eye. I don't really want to share the details, it was just a silly accident. I've got a small shiner that I can just barely cover up with makeup. Accident prone/it-always-happens-to-me Jan strikes again! I might go to the doctor to make sure my eye is ok. I've had some pain behind it and I'd like to know I'm not going to detach a retina or something. Always something! Sunday was such a great day, and then bam, black eye!

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