Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rolex Craziness

I've walked the cross country course, watched a day of dressage, spent a lot of money, so here's a pic of my trainer and I'll update later! It's crazy here!

She rides dressage Friday.

By the way, I did fan girl a bit.


  1. Not going to lie. I recognized your trainer's horse while watching the live stream of Rolex today, and it reminded me I wanted to find you on FB so we could connect when I move east! So... HI! Hope you're enjoying Rolex! :)

    1. My group was obnoxiously clapping. They cut to us on the live stream!

      Cody is definitely one of the heavier built horses out here, and the only gray to go today. I know our trainer wanted a better score than she got and had a few bobbles, but she's thrilled to be competing. We walked cross country again today. Exhausting but fun!

    2. Aw, he just looked tense. Otherwise I thought she had a good test. It was obvious there was more in there, but that she couldn't get to it without risking an explosion. Nicely ridden. :)

    3. Aww thanks! It's not his best phase, xc is! I was surprised that he moved to pick up the wrong lead after the rein back, but he did look ready to implode before she asked for it. I think all of these horses are competent, and they're so fit that is really isn't rider error when they express themselves. You just have to be as tactful as you can! I look forward to sitting on a not rolex fit horse in a few months!