Monday, April 27, 2015

I Know Someone Famous!

Ok, so my trainer may not be famous, but she completed Rolex this weekend!

A collage of pictures from the photographers, put together by one of our students.

She had a run out at the b element of The Mounds (keyhole to an angled brush) which I'm sure she'll say was her fault and a glance off (I can't seem to find video). She really took her time on xc to make sure she and Cody came home safe and sound. From the videos my group took (we were everywhere), it looks like 4* xc courses are enough to back Cody off and make him listen to his rider! He was still looking for the next jump and raring to go though!

"Roar!! Feed me the next jump!!"
I know she didn't finish in the style she would have liked- a run out and a lot of time on xc and a lot of rails in show jumping, but she was thrilled to finish and complete. Out of 88 entries, 75 started the event, and 40 finished. I think she'll be back for next year! He did catch himself on cross country- he had a heel grab somewhere in the deep footing, but was sound for Sunday. I think that made her ride a bit conservatively in show jumping, so they didn't perform at their best.

I'll have a bigger update later, for now, I'm going out to the barn to hug Cody and ride (and hug) Mikey!

Cody is enjoying a well earned vacation!


  1. Super fun! Completing this year's Rolex was no joke, especially going so late in the day. That ground was really slippery and tough, and much more experienced combos were caught out! Glad to hear the pretty gray guy came through fairly unscathed!

    1. Thanks! I saw one of the early in the day falls at 4abc (we were standing near it). It freaked us out because it made it very real to us that she and Cody could get hurt. The accident had nothing to do with footing though - the rider still had her foot on the gas and found a long spot and the horse did the right thing and stopped, but he had already taken off so he landed on the jump and fell off the side.

      I saw her today and she was like, "I don't know why I thought one Rolex would be enough." So she's already worked out his schedule for this summer/fall and is aiming for next year again. This time though, I will be a groom and not a spectator. She decided that this week too! I'm thrilled! I liked the event, but I have no desire to pay all that again unless she's competing, but I'd love to groom.

      We were happy that the big cheese came home and able to run again (long story- Cody is like colby which is a cheese so Cody is sometimes referred to as 'Colby Cheese' or 'The Cheese'). She's also working out a different conditioning plan that does include him going south this winter. She wants him fitter for next year and staying in PA won't do it. I think she wanted to keep an eye on his dressage and jump work so she didn't send him this winter. Very exciting times for us! And the barn will of course clear out again to watch her. She didn't win, but she still completed and jumped it all!

  2. I figure that if you finish Rolex, you're totally famous :) Congrats to her!

  3. I figure that if you finish Rolex, you're totally famous :) Congrats to her!